Money Art by SingsInKitchens

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Am I wrong, or is this awesomely cool art technically illegal…?

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The Great Work of ifitwerestine

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I’m still in disbelief…

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Ladies and Gentlemen: timeless sass 

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New comic after seeing Guardians of the Galaxy. I was also inspired by an awesome comic from nellucnhoj.com

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Why I Mourn Robin Williams

Yesterday, Robin Williams passed away from an apparent suicide. I seem to be taking this loss a little hard. I’m not sure why. Obviously, I never met him, and I definitely did not know him personally. However, his passing is hitting me with a deep sadness. It is difficult to comprehend that I will never see him in a new movie, hear his stand up, or see another interview with him. 

So why do I find this loss harder to deal with then other famous deaths? I think it’s because Robin Williams has been with me since childhood. I was a 90s kid, so Ms. Doubtfire, Aladdin, Blubber, Hook, and Jumanji were all childhood favorites of mine. Robin Williams was one of a kind. He had this unbelievable ability to create so many characters with his voice and facial expressions. Each one charming in its own individual way. And as I got older I saw other films which exhibited a deeper talent. Patch Adams, Dead Poets Society,The Bird Cage, and Goodwill Hunting showed that he was more than just a bank of outrageous characters, he was a true actor. He was able to portray genuine representations of the human experience.
There are many famous people in the world, but in my opinion, less that truly deserve to be called, “celebrity.” Robin Williams was on of those people. He was an Entertainer, in the most purest sense of the word. His talent deserves to be celebrated and remembered. I am thankful that the world got to see a season of The Crazy Ones where he got 22 chances to make people laugh. 
However, I wonder how a person who brought so many laughs and smiles to the universe could have been dealing with something so dark. I am very sorry that he was not able to find the help he needed. Depression should not be something that people should be ashamed or something that should have to be hidden. Maybe if our society was less afraid of speaking about depression, we wouldn’t lose so many people to this disease. 
This hasn’t been one my most eloquent of writings, but I’m just trying to express my thoughts and feelings. I am not ashamed to say that I will miss a man whom I never met. And I am not ashamed to say that I shed tears for him. I will always remember a man whose smile made me smile. Did anyone ever notice that even the Genie had Robin’s smile? He was one of a kind. I’m going to miss you Genie.


RIP Robin Williams

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So I came into my brother’s room to borrow something and I found this display on the floor…I think he’s planning to marathon them as a part of the mourning process. Guess who’s gonna be right next to him.

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Learn more at transstudent.org and ACLU’s Know Your Rights guide. Also a big thanks to our friends at the It Gets Better Project for collaborating with us!

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